Monday, February 20, 2012

Blog Post 5

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    Dr. Scott McLeod is an Associate Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Kentucky. He founded the Center for Advanced Study in Technology Leadership in Education, which is the nation's only center for technology needs for school administrators. He has received numerous awards for the videos and books he has put on and written. 
   This particular blog post was very interesting. I agree with what he is trying to say about how people put a bad name on technology. I believe that there are pros and cons to all technology and as educators we should be teaching the positives of technology. 

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   Travis Allen's iSchool Initiative's video is arguing that schools should trade in their pencil, paper and books for an ipod touch. He believes that schools today are wasting the technology that we have been provided, so we should have an iSchool. This video explains how students would learn using their itouch. Some of the basic uses for this would be, keeping track with homework, using some apps to help them better understand the material being used.  
   My opinion on this video is that is that the iSchool has some high points, but I would not want to use that as my main resource in the classroom. I would use the itouch as a tool in the classroom, but I would not want it to be my only means of teaching students. It is very useful to students and teachers, but I do not see how you could solely rely on the itouch for teaching students. 

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    Wow is all I can say after watching that video. This video shows the how powerful technology can be. Eric Whitacre used the internet in an amazing way. The way he showed the group as a whole and then zoomed in on a particular person, it really felt like you were watching a choir of 185 people preform live. 

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    Kevin Roberts thinks that teaching means to be a filter to students. Students can access information anytime and anywhere, as teachers we should teach them how to filter that information and make it useful. We should teach students how to use all of this technology that they are given access to. I agree with Roberts in this video. I believe my role as a teacher is not just to teach them academics, but to teach them things that they will need to know in the corse of their life. My role as a teacher is not to tell them they can not use certain recourses that I know they have access to, but to help them know how to use it properly. This video really helped me understand better where the educational system is going. 

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   The Reading Rockets website is a wonderful tool for teachers. One thing that caught my eye was the section that has several apps that helped children with their reading comprehension. In that slide show there were several games and lesson apps for children to practice on. 
   I liked that they had different sections for parents, teachers and principals. I would use the teacher section to browse new books, and have new ideas. I really enjoyed reading some of the tips they had for teachers to help struggling readers.  


  1. Hey Kaitlin!
    I enjoyed reading your blog this week. I would agree with you that "as educators we should be teaching the positives of technology," because as stated, there are many cons to it. The only thing that I would suggest to you is that you spell check your post before posting because I came across a misspelled word. Other than that, I look forward to reading more of your posts.!