Sunday, February 12, 2012

C4T Assignment

I was assigned to David Wees's blog David Wees

Post One
This first post I commented on was on Ipads in the math classroom. David was commenting and analyzing a study done by Stephen Downes that said, 20% of students improved on their state math test scores by using an Ipad loaded with HMH Fuse. David found some pros and cons with this study which he posted in this blog post. One important thing that he pointed out was in this test they did not state what they hoped to accomplish by improving the math instruction. Tests are important, but are they going to remember this beyond the test. That statement is what I put as my comment.

Post Two
The second post that I commented on was a post about MUD, a video game that involves typing. David stated that he played this game in college and unknowingly it made him a better typer. He said that in this game the way you navigate around is by typing on the keyboard, nothing like video games now. He was posting about wanting to incorporate this in the classroom. I commented that this would be a great idea, because the typical typing class is very redundant and boring. This would help the students become faster and better typers without knowing it, like it did David.

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  1. Great job at writing a brief summary on both blogs. I think you covered the focus points in each blog which is key when writing summaries. I also agree with your statement in the second blog that the game would be much better then a typical typing class.