Sunday, April 22, 2012

Additional Blog Assignment

1. I believe that the schools in the United States do inhibit the student's creativity. Schools these days just tend to be worried about book smarts and not creativity; I think that in the classroom there is room for both. Not every child will be a genius, but it does not mean that, that child is less smarter then the genius. Ken Burns believes that there should be a creative side to learning; as do I. I believe that this is happening because teachers are not taught to teach creatively so students do not learn creatively.  I would like to teach in creative ways and to teach students how to be creative.

3. I believe that a curriculum can be changed to increase the creativity of students. This can be done by not doing such a traditional lesson; maybe incorporating some technology in your lessons would help students become more creative. The key component of this curriculum is not being afraid of stepping out side of the box. Teachers are so afraid of being creative I think that they tend to stick to the old traditional ways of teaching instead.

2. I also believe that there can be a curriculum that can increase the curiosity of students. I would say that getting the students excited about something would increase their curiosity. I would use technology, which is something that most kids get curious and excited about to peak their interest. I would try to find some unique things to use in the classroom to peak their interest also.

4. I absolutely believe that a teachers interest in the subject matter increases the interest of students. If the teacher is not excited about teaching something then the students will not be excited about learning it. The teacher needs to be excited and eager to teach the students whatever is in her curriculum.

5. I believe that the teacher can increase the amount of curiosity that the student's have. The teacher can just read directly from the book, or they can act out the chapter that they are learning about. I would say that most of the students would love for their teacher to act out the chapter in their history books instead of reading it directly.  Being a boring teacher will make boring students.

6. What would help me be more creative is having a free space to interact with my students and tell them that it is okay to be creative. I would love to harness their creativity and put it into productive things. As a teacher I would like to showcase each and every talents that my students have and put together a  production to showcase their creativity. I would take every opportunity to display their art work, stories or projects that they worked so hard on. 

7. What would help me become more curious is to explore the internet for some cool new education tools that are available online or in the app store. There are tons of websites/apps out there that would spark my curiosity. I think that schools could provide teachers, that do not already own one, with a computer or an ipad to help spark their curiosity.

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