Tuesday, April 17, 2012

C4K April

comments for kids
Comments for Kids April 

     The blog I was assigned to was Jennifer, a middle school student from Vermont. Jennifer's first post I commented on was about her second favorite animal, a zebra. She talked about why she liked zebras; because they were cute and had cool stripes. I commented and said that I also liked zebras, but my favorite animal was a giraffe. I told her to keep up her love of animals.
     The second post I commented on was about her dancing. She said he loves to dance; she has been dancing for nine years! She loves tap, jazz and hip hop, but hip hop is her favorite. Jennifer says that she will be stopping dancing to become a cheerleader with her friends next year. I commented and told her that I was also a dancer, and danced for ten years. My situation was similar to hers; I stopped dancing to cheer. She commented back to me and asked me what all kinds of dancing I did and cheering. We struck up a conversation about me and how I was in college and my major. She seemed very interested in  college. She told me that she wanted to go to culinary school and open a restaurant.
     The last post I commented on was a opinion she had on pollution. She talks about how she does not understand why people do not just walk or ride a bike more places. She also discussed how she does not like the smoke that comes from the large busses or trucks. I commented and said that I completely agree with her about not liking the large amounts of smoke; it makes it hard to breath.
     I really enjoyed commenting on Jennifer's blog! She seems to be a great student and knows what she wants for the future.

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