Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Blog Post 11

Mrs. Cassidy's First Grade Class 
Mrs. Cassidy seems to be a great teacher! I love how she uses all of this technology in her first grade class. Technology seems to be a major part of her regular usage in the classroom. She not only uses it to get her students more technologically literate, but she uses it to help them learn to share and problem solve. If I had to pick one of her methods to use it would probably be the skype interviews. I think it is so neat how we can talk basically face to face with someone half way around the world from us. I would love to use skype to do interviews with specialist in a certain area we are studying, talk with different classes around the country that are learning the same things as my class and just to learn some interesting things that we would not already know. We might run into some problems with finding people that have the time to sit down and talk with the class, but I am sure there is someone out there that will take the time to talk to the class. Some benefits that I might obtain from using this method is helping my students become well diverse by letting them explore other peoples opinions on a certain subject by skyping with them. In general I think that this method helps students become a more well rounded student; the sooner you expose them to this, the better. 



  1. Hey Kaitlin! I think you have a great blog post. I also think the Skype interviews are an awesome thing to use. I think they can be quite beneficial in the classroom and really have an impact on the kids. Great post! Keep up the great work!
    Jessica Scarpa

  2. Hello Kaitlin,

    Good post. Skype interviews are not only fun but also current in the "face talk" trend. There's just something compellingly futuristic about talking to someone face-to-face who is halfway around the world. I think kids, especially, would enjoy it. I think your image alt and title tags are done incorrectly though. The tag isn't popping up when the cursor runs over the picture. Probably just an HTML miskey. No big deal.