Sunday, April 29, 2012

Blog Post 13

                                                 E-Media Fast 
No Television
    This blog post assignment was to not use technology for 24 hours.  I did not think that it would be to hard to give up television or computer for a day, but my cell phone was another story. The first day that I tried I did not use the television, but my phone kept going off so I tried turning it off, this did not work for me. The next day I tried I successfully did not use my iphone or television, but my computer was needed for school work, so there was another fail. Third times a charm you say? Well not for me. Unfortunately I could not successfully complete my third day either. I really do think that this is a good idea to try to do every once in a while. It really makes you think about how much you rely on technology through out your day. 

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  1. You will soon have students even more committed to (or should I say addicted to) technology. Are you prepared to be their teacher? Can you teach without technology? How and what will you technology in your classroom? How will you use your student's technology for educational purposes?