Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Blog Post 7

    My first reaction to this video was it was like the iSchool initiative. I was a bit confused at the first of the video, but by the end I understood. It made a lot of sense for students to be independently responsible for their school work.  
    The part that I was the most confused on was if students are doing everything on their on why do they need teachers? At the end of the video they stated that the point of the teacher was to teach the students how to make their PLN, to guide them on how to talk to important people, and to be there for any questions. 
    I honestly do not think that I am ready to be a network teacher. I think with time I will be, but as of right now I am no. I think that this class will help me be ready to be a network teacher. 


  1. I hope EDM310 helps you become an effective networked teacher!

    What about part 2 of the assignment?

  2. I did not realize that there was a part 2.