Thursday, March 29, 2012

Blog Post 9

   This blog post by Mr. McClung was after his first year of being a teacher. He was an elementary teacher in Missouri. This was a summary post about what he learned in his first year of teaching. The main points that he made about what he learned was, making his lesson student centered, to be flexible with his lesson plans, communicating with his students and fellow teachers, not to be afraid of technology, listening to his students, and to never stop learning. This blog post was very helpful in what I should do whenever I become a teacher.

Mr. McClung's Blog 

   Like the above post, this blog post was a refection on the third year of Mr. McClung being a teacher. He states that this was a year of first for him, becoming a cross country coach, and a computer applications teacher. One lesson he learned this year is "our decision making process should always be student centered and not centered around pleasing adults." I think that this is a good lesson to learn because as teachers we will always be trying to please so many people; we need to remember that it is about the students at the end of the day. Another lesson he learned this year was to always be your self. It is okay to be an outsider as long as your doing what you believe in. Mr. McClung's blog is very useful for a student studying to be an educator. It is helpful,insightful and humorous.


  1. Hi Kaitlin. First and foremost, I would like to say that I truly enjoyed reading your post on the first two teaching years of Mr.McLung on his blog, your post helped me understand how to write better posts on my blog because I haven't been doing do so well on the blog assignments, including the other assignments. Well done, Kaitlin.

  2. Kaitlin,

    I am glad you found Mr. McClung's blog to be helpful. You still have not added alt and title modifiers to your pictures. Instructions on how to do these are on page 13 of the project section of the Instruction Manual.