Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Blog Post 8

Dr. Richard Miller gives presentations on multimedia writing. I had some trouble following along with him at times. I feel that technology is shaping the way we write. These videos always make me ask myself if I am ready to teach with this type of technology.  As a future teacher I believe that programs like this will help me be a better educator.
I believe that students are ready for this kind of learning. Students love anything new; especially if it involves technology. Students adapt so easily to new technology. Technology consumes all aspects of student's lives now days.
While watching Dr. Miller's video it made me think that I really need to be ready to teach this way. Technology will definitely be apart of every day teaching life, so I need to learn to adapt it into my life. I still have mixed feelings on an all technology based classroom, but I am learning to incorporate it into my daily life.

Wow Carly! This girl can really write! I love the way she uses her intelligence, but also her wit. I see how her blog post went along with Dr. Miller's video. Her assignment was about writing technology. The students would write their teaching philosophy through text, pictures and videos. 
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The Chipper Series and EDM 310 for Dummies
In the Chipper Series , Chipper is having a conversation with Dr. Strange about her being late for assignments or not doing her assignments. It is very important in EDM to have your assignments done and on time to get a passing grade. 
In EDM 310 for Dummies some students are explaining how EDM 310 works. This is a pretty funny video. I think It would be fun to make videos for your classroom. It would make things more interesting instead of the same old traditional learning. 

Learn to Change, Change to Learn 
  In the video Learn to Change, Change to Learn, educators discuss how education is changing. During the course of EDM I have read, watched and listened to many educator's point of views on the changing of education. In my opinion change is good, we may not always like it, but it is necessary. 
  A classroom should not be just a room with four walls, as the video states, it should be the world. There are so many opportunities in the cities around the world to learn in a non traditional sense.   

Scavenger Hunt 
I found a website called Edmodo . It is like Facebook/Twitter. I set up an account as a teacher and I can set up reminders, notes and created discussions with my students and parents. I really like this website because it helps me become more organized. I can talk with other teachers and get ideas from their pages. This website lets me make up quizzes and homework and let students access it from home. This is a great tool for everyone to use to get more organized and on top of their work. 

The webpage I found to make my comic was Make Belifs Comix . Here is my comic: 

A cool tool I found that I had never heard of was Free Stock Photos. This is a website that has tons of pictures for your blog. You have to set up an account, but it is free. It has a lot of different types of pictures that you can use on your blog or website. 

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  1. Kaitlin,

    I enjoyed reading your post. It sounds like you really liked discovering some useful tools through the Scavenger Hunt. Be sure to add alt and title modifiers to all the pictures you use in each blog post. Keep up the good work.