Monday, March 5, 2012

C4T Assignment #2

This C4T I was assigned Mrs. Krebs. She is a junior high teacher from Iowa at a small catholic school. Her post were so inspiring and interesting I read more than the two that I was assigned. Mrs. Krebs' first post that I commented on was a selection of inspirational quotes put on pictures. I really enjoy reading inspirational quotes, they always make me want to try harder. I commented that I would love to use some of these in my future classroom to help get the student's motivated. Here are some of my favorites:

My second post that I commented on was about her genius hour. A genius hour is a class where Mrs. Krebs lets her student's create, engage and learn.  She said her students were so engaged that they missed several classes in the day! I commented that it is amazing to see what students can do whenever they really put their minds to things and are really into the things they are doing.  

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