Saturday, March 3, 2012

C4K February

The first C4K I was assigned to was to a fourth grade student in the United States. She was telling us about a story that she was writing about a girl that wanted to run cross country on her high school team. She goes on to tell us about the girl joining her school's team and the great success she had. She asked us to leave our feedback on the story and any suggestions we had. I commented that I thought she did a great job on her story, and I would like to know more about the girl she was writing about. She did a very good job on her writing.

The next C4K I was assigned was a online high school student from Hawaii. Hannah's blog for her AP history class  was quite impressive. This particular post was about her "confessions of an online AP history student." She discussed her favorite parts of the class and the parts that she did not care so much for. I commented that I too can share her pain on the online class part of the post. I said that I really enjoyed reading her post about being in an online school because I went to a traditional high school.

My third C4K was a student from Canada blogging about a skype session that her class had with a class from New Orleans, LA. She described what they learned from the class from New Orleans: mardi gras, the hurricanes, and football. I commented that I lived very close to New Orleans and that I visit it often. I described what I liked about New Orleans and how beautiful the city is.

My last C4K I was assigned was the same AP history class as Hannah was in, but this time it was the class blog. Mike Gwaltney's AP history class based out of Oregon, blogged about a documentary made in the 60's called A Class Divided . The documentary was about a teacher doing an experiment on her third grade students to see if separating them by eye color would effect how they treated one another. One day the teacher treated the blue eyes superior and the next the brown eyes. The blog stated how children that had been friends for years turned against each other in hate. The purpose of this lesson was to teach self worth and no group of people are better than any other. Twenty years later these students got together and remembered how this lesson has impacted their lives today. I commented that I really enjoyed this blog post and would like more information on where I could watch this. Elisa, a student in the class, wrote back with a link of the documentary.  A Class Divided Documentary. 


  1. The experiment in "A Class Divided" is so interesting. I don't know if I'd have the heart to actualy treat one group superior to the other, though!

  2. That is exactly what I was thinking!